Creating/retrieving extensions from within another application

Hello there,

I am developing an application, which provides VoIP functionality using a standalone Asterisk server and eventualy I want to switch to FreePBX. As I am new to FreePBX and I am not very familiar with its functionalities, I would like to ask, if some features I want to realize in my application go well together with FreePBX…

So far I have used Asterisk’s realtime architecture to dynamically load extensions from the server’s local MySQL database. This gave the user of the application the opportunity to create “user accounts” from within my application over the network by using a REST service I hosted on the server. The REST service then created the necessary database entries to provide them to the Asterisk server. Furthermore, I used the same REST service to retrieve the usernames of the extensions, which were currently registered at the Asterisk server to provide a list of available users within my application. These functionalities should also work together with FreePBX and I was wondering if it provides an API for such network requests, because it would be nice to only use FreePBX without the need for the additional REST service.

I would be very thankful, if some of you guys could give me a hint on how to realize the mentioned Features.

There is a strong consensus that asterisk realtime is crap. Like communism it looks fantastic on paper but leaves something to be desired in application.

All of the open source FreePBX code can be found at you can also look at the developers corner on

Thank you for your reply. So maybe using FreePBX offers a better alternative than using asterisk realtime, but I really don’t know where to start. Sorry, but I was hoping for a more precise hint on how to realize the features I talked about than just posting a link to the wiki.