Creating PRIVATE Contact Groups & searching within them from Sangoma Phone Desktop App

I can’t seem to find (or remember) where to create a PRIVATE Contact Manager Group (ie. A Contact List just for my own personal contacts).

I haven’t created one for a while but I’m sure I did this previously via the ‘Contacts’ widget within UCP, however, when I click ‘Add Group’ within that widget, it just creates a public one with no option to make it private.

Has this option been moved ?

I’m using PBXact v15.0.23.25 with UCP v15.0.14.5

Actually, I’ve looked little deeper & it appears that creating PRIVATE Contact Manager groups is still performed via UCP, however, there appears to be some wierdness with the way they are initially defined internally (which is what threw me off).

Within the mysql table ‘contactmanager_groups’;

  • When initially creating a new Private Contact Group within UCP, it creates a record with the ‘type’ field populated as ‘external’ (same as how external public groups are/were defined) & the field called ‘owner’ as the id of the user that created/owns it.
  • Then, after a while, the field called ‘type’ magically changes its value from ‘external’ to ‘private’ & the field called ‘owner’ remains as the id of the user that created/owns it.

Part of the reason I’m investigating this is that it appears the Sangoma Phone desktop app will no longer find contacts (using Search) in a group once its defined as ‘private’ within the ‘contactmanager_groups’ table. I have raised a Support Ticket regarding this issue.

You can see how your own ‘contactmanager_groups’ table is populated using the following cli command;

mysql asterisk -e “select * from contactmanager_groups”

If any them have the ‘type’ field showing as ‘private’, I suspect you’ll have the same problem of not being able to find those contacts in a search from the Sangoma Phone app.

Further investigation seems to reveal that the most recent version of Sangoma Phone Desktop (v3.6.0) did the following when used with FreePBX/PBXact;

  • Introduced the ability to create/edit PRIVATE Contacts.
  • BROKE support for the ‘Display Name’ field within PRIVATE Contact Groups (either when searching or displaying them).

In other words, if you have a PRIVATE contact (created via Contact Manager or UCP) that ONLY has its ‘Display Name’ populated (First/Last Names are blank), then it will no longer be found in SCD via a name search & won’t show its name if found in SCD via a number search. This scenario worked fine in SCD v3.5.1. FYI, this issue does NOT affect searching/displaying the ‘Display Name’ field within EXTERNAL Contact groups, only PRIVATE ones.

I have a Sangoma Support ticket open on this issue & so am hoping for a fix.

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