Creating Multiple Deployment with Pre-Configuration


I’m looking for a little advice please.

We have been testing FreePBX and have added a couple of commercial modules including the EPM, for which we created a number of templates.

What we want to do is to create a “blank” Virtial FreePBX Image with the commercial modules installed and our configuration changes (eg the EPM Templates) pre-installed. Then when we need a new machine, we want to be able to just fire up a new copy of our “Blank” VPS, register that with schmooze and then add the relevant licences, without having to mess around with all the config changes every time.

Any suggestions on the best and simplest way to achieve this would be most appreciated.

Many thanks.

Kind regards, Nigel.

You need to contact the folks at Schmooze. They have commercial deployment tools.

Remember FreePBX is Open Source. Any scripting tool can do what you want.