Creating fake inbound routes?

I would like to have a few 3 digit numbers to use for listening for listening to streaming music or radio by terminating the call by putting it on hold forever and changing the music on hold.
If I create an inbound route in the PBX, the call will still try to go out through the external trunk.

Then set the proper destination of the inbound route

I set the Destination to Terminate Call > Put Caller on hold forever.
It works with real DIDs, it sends them out and back in. I would prefer for the calls to remain in the PBX.

Your interpretation of what is happening is not consistent with our shared experience. I think you need to send us some logs so we can see this in action.

If I am understanding what you are saying, you are setting up an extension and sending the resulting call to “hangup”. How are you setting up the extensions? Which screens are you going through and how are you expecting this to work.

The fact that it’s working from an inbound route makes perfect sense, but not working from an internal device does not.

I’m not setting up an extension as that would not give me the ability to change the music on hold that I would like to stream.
I’m using Inbound Call Routes.

You can only use inbound call routes for inbound calls. Calls between extensions (which is where I assume you are trying to go) don’t use inbound routes unless you route them out and back in, which (if I read your original post correctly) is exactly where you ended up.

In the Advanced" options, you should be able to specify the destination of the extension. You can also create a Miscellaneous Destination (or is it a Custom Destination) that terminates in “On Hold with music forever”. THis would give you a local extension that you could then route your calls to to give them on-hold music.