Creating/editing Trunks in FreePBX 12

Hi there. I’m a FreePBX newbie and just playing with it at the moment. One of the things I’m struggling to understand though is why when I create a new IAIX Trunk, I am given options to enter Outgoing and Incoming Settings in a section at the bottom of the new route page. However, when I edit the route, the Outgoing and Incoming Settings are no longer visible.

How do I edit the incoming and outgoing settings after the Trunk has been created? I’m looking at Elastix too, and it doesn’t have the same issue…

Thanks in advance


Connectivity -> Inbound Routes/Outbound Routes
what you are looking for?

Hi Martin.
No, its in the Trunk page when you add a Trunk, there’s a section at the bottom where you add credentials to authenticate with the peer system. But after I’ve saved the trunk and applied the config, the section is no longer there. The page [] refers to it, with the Incoming settings apparently depracated.


Please update all modules. You are behind a version or two

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I thought I’d upgraded all yesterday - except for betas - but perhaps it was beta modules that were needed…

Works now though. Thanks.

Core 12.0.1beta2 will be upgraded to online version 12.0.1beta7
DAHDi Config 2.11.45 will be upgraded to online version 2.11.46
FreePBX Framework 12.0.1beta18 will be upgraded to online version 12.0.1beta29
User Control Panel 12.0.0beta2 will be upgraded to online version 12.0.0beta4

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I don’t want to hijack this thread at all with another Q so tell me to create a new one if I should… but…

Many web articles that I’ve read refer to editing conf files manually but there doesn’t seem to be anything front end in FreePBX to do that - and in fact recommendation that I don’t. I’m coming down to a preference for FreePBX over Elastix, but Elastix does give access to .conf files. What am I missing here…?



That’s on the drawing board. But nothing in the works now, there are some distros that include a conf file editor, PBX In a Flash being one of them. I am hoping to have a conf file editor in standard FreePBX soon though.

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Ok. I think I’ll stay with FreePBX then. Thanks again for help. Much appreciated. Looking forward to spending many hours poking around with it. :smiley:

Cheers, Gerard

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