Creating Conference Room in Bulk

We would like to use Freepbx primarily for Conferencing and I would like to know is there anyway we can create conferences in bulk instead of manually add each conference. We would like to create 100 conference rooms. Please advise.


There is certainly no reason why you can’t. That’s what Open Source is all about. You can make it do whatever you want.

If I recall the conference tables in the database are fairly simple. Did you look at the DB structure yet?

Thanks SkykingOH, let me check if I can do it directly via DB.

Okay; we have import bulk conferences from excel file to freepbx’s DB’s table meetme. Only problem i am seeing is after inserting data into meetme table I have to goto Freepbx GUI and do the “Apply Config” then we able to use the newly inserted conference rooms. Please advise after inserting data into table what command to run from asterisk CLI, to put newly inserted conferences into production.


Found command from Freepbx Wiki.
[[email protected] ~]# amportal a r


We have added 20K conference room and when reloading Freepbx I am getting following error.

Critical Error retrieve_conf failed, config not applied
Ignore this
Reload failed because retrieve_conf encountered an error: 1
Added 2 minutes ago

when adding 10K it reload successfully. Please advise if there is a limit on creating conference rooms in freepbx.


No limit probably need to change some settings in php.ini, increase memory and timeout time. That’s a log of dial plan code to generate.

How did we go from 100 to 20k

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I would say use 2 boxes. The dialplan and reload time alone would kill you.

Yes, sounds like someone is trying to insert a square peg in a round hole with insufficient lubrication.

Does anyone else feel duped into supporting a commercial project?

As far as reload time is concern, yes it took 10 minutes to reload.

I am sorry if you feel duped. This is not a commercial project. If we go commercial we go with paid support. This is just a testing part as per your reply that there is no limit creating Conferences, are there any kind of restrictions to evaluate Freepbx?
We would also like to support Freepbx project, can you give me contact info where we can donate.


People often like to get something (outside the free software they already get) in return for their money. Sometimes in a business management also likes to buy something rather than simply throwing money at something. You can see for items that both help pay for the development and provide some level of return.

If you would like to simply make a donation to the project without it being tied to a product or service that can be done through our sponsor via paypal. To prevent spam I won’t post the address here but feel free to PM me for it.

It’s nothing personal. We have quite a few people go through here. Your story changed so it was good natured chop busting. We love to hear how FreePBX is being used so sharing what you are up to would be fun and appreciated by the community.

Of course there are no limitations on what you do with the software. We are fairly confident there are people running phone companies off of FreePBX in underdeveloped countries. At first that seemed ridiculous coming from an American telco background but as I thought about it I am sure that it is a huge upgrade for some that are still using step switches.

So be assured you didn’t upset anyone, and welcome to the community.