Creating and licencing a template PBX

Hi All,

I am planning a deployment of about 10 FreePBX installations at some of our remote offices. So far I have created a template virtual machine that I can deploy at each site with minimal configuration.

All good so far, however I would like to use some of the commercial modules which requires registration/licencing. What would be the best (and correct) way to pre-configure the commercial modules on the template PBX and ensure that once the remote installations are setup they are correctly licenced?

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You will want to have the SysAdmin module installed, but not licensed, because the licensing mechanism does a hardware lock on the machine that you register it with.

Using recent versions of SysAdmin you can quickly create deployments and link with our licensing system directly from within the PBX. Once linked you can then purchase licenses for the specific locations and commercial modules you are looking for.

To prepare your PBX for commercial modules you can follow these instructions

When you are ready to purchase a module you can follow these instructions