Creating an Extension to a Cellphone Number

Hi all!

Thanks for the help provided so far! Currently, I’m working on creating a IVR for my company solely with FreePBX. I have some knwledge in creating IVR’s going to custom destinations (this is the setup that I have running for my calling card business using A2B), but now I want to get started on doing the same thing for extensions.

How would I create an extension that would go to my cellphone? So for example, when the customer presses one, instead of going to a physical SIP phone, it would go to my cellphone or my softphone.

Do I still create a SIP extension if I wanted to do this?

Any advice or pointing me in the right direction will be greatly apprciated.


~ Krystyna

You have a lot of questions. Let me point you to a handy resource:

and in particular…

However, note that you only need to do the first step in that document to make a destination that can be directly selected from an IVR.

You could simply use a Ring Group to accomplish this. Just have it call xxxxxxxxxx#.