Creating a template for the phone


i have tdm410 installed and everything is running fine but i want to add brand whick is gxp1620 is not on the list and endpoint manager need to be licence and i am stuck here o

Sorry, Roger - can’t understand your problem at all. Please provide as much information as possible about your setup, what you are trying to achieve and the precise problems you are encountering - then I’m sure someone here will be able to help you.

I have instal PBX firmware using using four channel TDM410 I need to connect 12 extensions i have GXP1620 IP PHONES one i need to be at receptions and the rest are extersions but when i run end point manager it does not gives me option it ask me to buy commercial one which is not my plan now.

i bought this card long ago and i have long time not doing this i need someone who can give direction where must i start as i have decided to download latest version now as i release that the one i have is end of life i am busy dowlnoad


Just use the web interface of the phones. For 12 phones it will take you half an hour with unpacking the devices and making all the connections. Plug them in your network, see from the lcd screen of the phones what ip address they got and use a pc in your local network to access each web interface.