Creating a SIP account and assigning an extemsion

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              I am new to freepbx world. I just want to do a simple setup. 

Senario : Freepbx box with sip users (5 nos) account on it. Assign different extensions to each one them so that they talk to each other. These users will be using apps on their mobiles to connect to their sip account created on freepbx. Right now these users are on same LAN as freepbx.

Issue : In freepbx, I have created two extensions 1001 and 1002 with users name as 1001 and 1002. and password also as 1002 and 1002. But when I try to connect through mobile it say authentication error. What settings are we missing.

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The password that you enter in the mobile app must match what is called ‘Secret’ in the FreePBX extension settings. Instead of using the long automatically generated value, you can set Secret to e.g. 1001 and use that as the password in the app. When you make a change, don’t forget to click Submit and then Apply Config. Of course, for a production system you’ll want to use strong passwords.

The above assumes that you created pjsip extensions.

If you still have trouble, post details about the mobile apps you are using and all the settings entered.

… but please do not use the extension number for the secret for registering the phone. It’s hella insecure and can cost you am s-ton of money if your system is not properly secured. For that matter, even if you use ridiculously long secrets, if your system’s security is not set up well, it can cost you a lot of money.

Thank you @Stewart1 it worked. This is my first hand on freepbx. I need to explore it more.

@cynjut, yes I understand not to set secret same as extension. This is just a testing machine. I am just trying to explore all the features of the box. I’ll take care of this in the production box.

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