Created new extensions with bulk extension tool but when bind the IP Phone mac address calls divert to other extensions

hi all

I have created some of the extensions on my freepbx server using the bulk extension tool but I really don’t know what happened, the calls are not routed properly to dialed extension. e.g I created extension 753 and 163 but when I dialed 753 from my other extension which is not created by the bulk tool calls are diverted to 163 not to 753. see logs below

It’s the DID column. Those are supposed to be the incoming number from your ITSP and you have them set to extensions. That’s not going to work.

I can call from the both the numbers but when I call to 753 it rings 163.
none of them is my number from ITSP or anything like that. these are the local extensions.

Alright then. Let us know what you find out when you get it figured out.

Check follow me on the extensions, may be someone set that. Otherwise dig down to Asterisk CLI and see what is going on when calling the Extension.

no follow me is working good