Create user that only see queues in crd report

hi i want to create an user for the web admin of freepbx that can only see in the cdr report only the queues or the queue i choose, its there a way? i know that there are many modules that maybe can do it but it price its to hight and we are a really lil company. please help

I do not think you would be able to stop the user from seeing all records, but you could advise them to filter on the inbound route of the queue maybe? Maybe Call Event Logging?

I know you mentioned not wanting commercial modules, but I think queue reporting might be the tool you are looking for. Take a look at the link. As far as price (buying it or building it yourself), it is one of the most inexpensive solutions I have ever seen.

thanks for your answer, it could be a good idea but the problem its that i dont want that the people from the queue have access to the recordings of the other extensions…
all my calls are recording and i dont want that the supervisor of the queue hear the calls maded by the manager or the ceo…
thats why i want to block or made an user that can see and hear only the recordings form the queue…


It sounds more and more like you really need to look at the queue module. If this is that important, you can spend a little, or code a little. There is nothing built into the system that can give you that level of control over CDR reports.

Maybe you could use the call records module in UCP using additional linked extensions to see all of the records for all of the extensions you would like?

I echo Dave. Truthfully the module is the quickest and easiest route (its already built, supported and is segmented to queues). Otherwise you’re going to have to learn and develop something yourself. Both are going to cost money, one is going to take more time.

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