Create/Update Find me Follow me List


I would like to create or update the find me follow me list through either the graphql/rest apis. I’ve looked through the docs and not able to pinpoint if this is possible. Is it possible to pass a list of “find me follow me” numbers to freepbx via any of the apis or even the asterisk ami?

Thank you!

Welcome to the forum! Have you seen this page?

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For your extension id 8055, using a bashism

 rasterisk -x 'database show AMPUSER/8055/followme'

shows ‘what it is’

you can use

database get AMPUSER/8055/followme grplist

with more granularity to get that bit of followme and

database put AMPUSER/8055/followme grplist 1234-23345-13235551212#

Same concept using any language for AMI

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@lgaetz @dicko Thank you for your help on this. The graphql + ami solutions make sense to me now. Much appreciated!

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@lgaetz Thank you very much for your respons wrt. the graphql endpoint. Now, we’ve tried the endpoint by; 1) creating a new application (i.e. machine 2 machine), 2) Assigned the findmefollow me scopes - both read& write, 3) Attempted authentication and getting an invalid_client error. Please see attached screenshot. Any idea what could be going wrong here? Many thanks in advance.

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