Create Hot Spare Though Image

We currently have two FreePBX installations, a primary and a secondary server. The servers are configured identically, with the same processors, memory, NIC’s and drive arrays.

Our secondary server has become out of date through the installation of different products, updates, ect. We would like to bring the secondary server back up to par with the primary server.

We have installed Acronis Backup and Recovery 11 for Linux and taken a backup of our primary PBX. Can I preform the following steps and not worry about a conflict with the primary server?

  1. Restore the image of the primary server to the secondary server.
  2. Unplug the network cable of the secondary server…
  3. Reboot the secondary server.
  4. Change the IP address of the secondary server.
  5. Change the name of the secondary server.
  6. Install license keys specific to the secondary server, for iSymphony and Queuemetrics.
  7. Shutdown the secondary server.
  8. Plug in the network cable of the secondary server.
  9. Boot the secondary server.

I have a Windows background and I know in Windows you have to run sysprep to change the sid, as well IP and name of the computer or it will conflict with another computer on the network. I am not sure if Linux has the same feature.

The plan above worked successfully, but I did need to make one change. I had to disable all the cron jobs and I had to re-install the serveron agent from R_U_On so that it would see the new server instead of generate alerts thinking it was the primary server.