Create a recepcionist extension


Today i got stuck with one thing:
I have one extension (let’s say 300) which is the company recepcionist.
She using eyeBeam softphone, wich can work with 6 lines.

We have 2 trunks and a few internal extensions but the problem here is:
She just can have one call at a time.

While in one call, if somebody else calls (on the other trunk or using an internal extension), the call will be forwarded to the voicemail.

Is there a way to have her extension ringing for at least 3 simultaneous incoming calls? So, she can decided when to put somebody on hold and answer or not another incoming call.

I appreciate any help and/or comments.

First of all, you need a phone that can handle multiple calls, gxp2000 for example. Or, if only 2 calls are required then you need to install and enable call waiting

Hi denisik;

I was reading about GPX-2000 and the description says it support 4 lines.
But as i said, the eyeBeam supports 6 lines, you can check it out at:

New Jersey / USA

Hmm, It doesn’t say anything about six lines support on eyebeam, it only says about conferences, etc…
Anyway, try to install caller id module and ring groups.
If your eyebeam supports simultaneous multiple registrations then create an extension for each eyebeam line (let say 3 lines), create a ring group with terminal hunting and add these 3 extensions to it.

That worked,

New Jersey / USA