Create a "Getting Started" Screenshot Tutorial for Newbies

If possible (unless already accomplished) would it be too much trouble to create a “Getting Started” directory (“sticky” as we like to call it on LinksysInfo.Org) that shows screenshots on how to set up basic call functionality with the PBX (i.e., DID, IVR, subscribing to online SIP provider, etc…)? I, personally am delving into the “VOIP” arena, and while I’m a big fan, my first exposure is irking the “s**t” out of me trying to find enough instruction that is “picture perfect” and to the wire. :slight_smile:

Other than that, I’m liking what I’m seeing. Going one step further, has anyone considered making video tutorials?


I never got a straight answer from anyone either in the beginning, however, here’s what you’ll need to do for your Asterisk after reboot (I haven’t developed the patience to work in the directories so I re-add the following entries after reboot):

  1. route add -net netmask gw metric 1
  • The above command adds local subnetwork to our PBX along with identifying the default gateway (your router if that is the ip addres scheme you’re using) to include how many hops away it (default GW) is (1 in this case I’ll assume).

route add default gw

  • The above command specifies adding the default gateway from what I can tell (again, not a Linux guy, but it appears straight forward)

If I’m a little off someone will clarify (not a Linux guy either) See the link below as well to see how to add routes, gateways, and persistent routes:

  1. My saving grace was finding PIAF Without Tears:

Additionally, I do alot of posting on dslreports as “DocLarge:”

Truth be told, if you follow the info I’ve posted on dslreports, that might actually put you were you need. Let me know if that helps, because I’m still a PBX learner myself. I figured this would be a good way to “ease” into the CISCO voice track :slight_smile:


I was doing “everything” I needed with the Sipgate account until they turned off the account at the end of 30 days (long story). Anyway, after they re-enabled it, I haven’t been able to get a single phonecall to go through. I’ve actually started using callcentric in the meantime until I can see what’s going on.

I’m actually going to disable the callcentric trunk later this evening, re-enable the Sipgate trunk, and then move the pbx behind a consumer router (Linksys WRV54g) as opposed to my Cisco 871W to see if it’s my router causing the issue.

Shoot me an email and I’ll email you the screenshots of the settings I had when Sipgate was working and you can make comparisons…


cool thanks very much. i’ll fire ove my email addy on pm.

i agree that there should be a more straight forward setup to this. i have seen lots about the conf files etc but i’m not good on linux stuff as have always been a windows person, and trying to get straight forward instructions is a near impossibilty.

I installed it 3 days ago and since then all i have managed to do is get a green light on a trunk :-/

i am on a linksys WRK54G and running astrisknow via vmware running on my xp laptop and having little joy.

i have seen on another forum about forwarding certain ports for sipgate so i have gone into my router and fowarded:

8000 to 8012
10000 to 20000

all UDP/TCP to my asterisk IP of 33.5 but still no joy.

i still need to figure out how to make my asterisknow install a static IP so it wont change on a reboot and end up changing all my ip’s.


Have you had any luck with the sipgate account?

i’m pulling my hair out trying to figure it out as well. on the system status screen it states there is 1 ip trunk online and is green. i have th incoming number to put it permantly on hold but when i ring i get the sipgate voice saying i am not available and to leave a message…

once i can get past this stage i will try and figure out how to add an IP phone instead of a softphone version.

thanks - mark

It appears someone by the name of “Ben” already created what I was looking for a little while back (Good on you, dude!!!). For those who didn’t know (like myself), check it out:

“NOW” I’m fully onboard because I’ve got direction… :slight_smile:

Dude, your link is to this thread! Feels like I’m going in circles!

My bad, Sip…

I had a few more windows open and didn’t realize I’d neglected to update the link I’d copied:

  1. (These guys are “all over it.”)

  2. (This is what I meant to post originally)

  3. (This is “the poop” as well.) :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

The third link is a site called “PBX for Newbies.” I just came across all of this within the last hour.

Ben Sharif did an “excellent” job breaking down the above guide; kudos to the user known simply as “blanchae” for creating the “newbie” website.

The guide appears to be 2yrs old, but still relevant. My biggest issue is trying to figure out how to link my freepbx installation to my newly created Sipgate account. If someone knows how to do this, I’d appreciate it…