Create a call instance without softphones


i was asking myself if it possible to call someone with my asterisk server without any softphone. Do a dialplan / commands or whatever allow me to do that ?

My goal is to execute many calls with the server and the first one who answer will be transfer to one extension and all other will be hangup.

Any advices will help !

Except for the “the rest hang up” part, you can do this with callfiles. Pretty standard way to handle this.

The “rest hang up” part is a challenge.

This sounds like you are trying to set up and war-dialer, and that’s also doable, but it’s really outside the scope of FreePBX.

What do you mean with “war-dialer” ?

I’m trying to set up a predictive dialer with a conférence…
i’m a bit lost with this but my goal is to create a conference that allow only two users.

The user who launch the conference is alone in the conference (1/2) but at the same time X calls (maybe 5) are executed, and the first one who answer is transfer into the conference.

What happens to the other 4 calls? They just stop ringing?

This sounds incredibly sketchy. I don’t understand what you actually intend to do, but I’m pretty sure the answer is going to be “No” without some kind of ARI/AMI script behind it.

For the other 4 i don’t really care.

If my conference is in 2/2 they will be hangup if they answering atfer someone else?

Do conference pro work without UCP ? if not how can i create a conference and invite someone in ?

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