CRD report for Call on Hold


I want to get report of the extension which was on call and get another call and user receive that call and put existing call on hold. How I can get the data.


I’m assuming this relates to a SIP phone and the phone actually signals the hold to Asterisk.

I also assume CRD is a typo for CDR.

Asterisk doesn’t log hold events into either CDRs or CEL records. AMI is the only API that would have that level of detail, and you would have to write your own code to analyze it.

Also, Asterisk doesn’t really associated different calls associated with the same endpoint. An endpoint could be a FreePBX trunk, just as easily as a multi-line PBX extension.

You would need to look a the timing and direction of the second call, as phones will typically put the first “line” on hold when a SIP native attended transfer is started.

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