Crazy Extensions


I’m new in the FreePBX world.

I already created trunks, outbound and inbound routes for the two voip providers, IVR and everything is working fine with excepetion for one thing: we can’t call right other extensions…

I created 5 extensions: 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 .

Using the 3CX or the Counterpath softfones, when I dial 2 it rings in the pc configured to use the extension 1 . When I dial 1 it rings another extension…

So, what is happening?

From the logs I’m seeing this when I dial 2 to call the extension 2 :

Nov 5 14:12:56 VERBOSE [3515] app_dial.c: – Called SIP/1

Do I need to use a code/prefix to call another internal extension ?


Pick different extension numbers.