Crash when updating modules and other oddities on fresh install of freepbx

I’ve got a fresh install of the freepbx distro, As part of the post setup I checked the modules for upgrades and when I click to install the upgrades the whole web interface hangs and new connections to the web interface fail. running amportal stop/start succeeds but the web interface is still broken. a server reboot returns it to normal.

That in and of itself was troubling, but i figured I would deal with it later. However when setting up the rest of the system (basic small office install, 6 linksys phones) I’m experiencing other odd behavior, like freshly setup extensions able to call asterisk features (like voicemail) but not call the other extensions.

I reinstalled the system from scratch and experienced the same behavior. In my searching around I’ve found a few older issues that were similar, although not identical, in which it was suggested that the install was “corrupted”.

My question is: has anyone else experienced this issue with a recent build, or where would you start looking for the issue. I’m a long time linux admin with asterisk experience but haven’t used freepbx in a couple of years. I can post whatever logs anyone thinks would be useful, but in my looking through them I haven’t found much to indicate the nature of the underlying problem.

Any help/advice is appreciated. I’m not opposed to paying for support if it comes to that but just trying to cover my bases.