Crash installing latest distro on Intel Nuc11

Trying to install SNG7-PBX16-64bit-2208-2.iso un a new Intel NUC11TNKi5 with a 250GB NVMe M2 disk

Same behavior as New installation FreePBX V15 install iso issue

Topic is closed , I don’t know if user has solved the issue and in which way…

P.S. The first crash window appears also if “advanced and troubleshooting options” → “run memory test” or “recovery mode” menus are selected.

Tried SNG7-PBX16-64bit-2204-1.iso and an old SNG7-FPBX-64bit-1805-1.iso, same issue.

I found another topic with a kernel panic like mine : Unable to Install Official Freepbx Distro on Crucial NVME Drive

Is definitely an issue in booting UEFI mode ?
As on NUC11, Intel removed Legacy BIOS boot support

Guys, I’m stuck :thinking:

I read freepbx distros are UEFI compliant,
I can’t get rid of that kernel panic

I would just know if there is a workaround for installing distro (please not to install freepbx over ubuntu/debian or virtualbox)

Thank you

P.S. Assuming it is a kernel vs. NVMe issue, NUC11 allows for a further M2 sata 22x40 slot : would it worth a try with this type of disk ?

NUCs have historically had issues with RHEL and OSes based on it. I know some have made it work but it is a real PITA and took a bit of hackiness to do it.

I’ve had several NUCs with freepbx distro installed and working flawlessly, this NUC11 is a pita, I don’t know if because of NVMe drive or the lack of legacy support (honestly I don’t remember if UEFI/legacy was modified in previous NUCs).
It would be nice to know what is actually happening…

What I would try is getting any Linux to install and boot up then proceed to install your distro without formatting the drive ie “alongside” the other Linux.
Perhaps Intels own Clear Linux OS should be the first install? Or, maybe a distro that uses Grub would be better.

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Try adding the kernel option ‘noapic’.

Thanks, noapic gives different boot message but still ends in kernel panic
At least NUC is not unusable… : installing a sata M2 disk instead of NVMe disk , installation starts correctly.

Must investigate in kernel vs NVMe issue…
Finding on the net, there are a lot of “know bug, to be solved in next kernels”…

My understanding is that there likely won’t be many ‘next kernels’ for SNG7

Does it worth working on kickstart ?

“Does it worth working on kickstart ?”
Hu? I’m pretty sure this is not an English sentence.

The Problem is that RHEL7/CentOS7, the distribution FreePBX Distro is based on is very very ancient. It was released in April 2014 and uses Kernel version 3.10 - which is from June 2013. Red Hat who updates this distribution used frankenstein-like patches to integrate support for newer hardware into this ancient kernel but there are limits to this.

Until Sangoma invests some time into upgrading the underlying distribution FreePBX Distro is based on, you cannot use modern hardware. Old NUCs should work fine. Perhaps you can get a NUC7 or NUC8 somewhere, my guess is that should be old enough for it to work.

Latest distro is working fine on any NUC supporting Legacy Bios
Also NUC10 is ok, on NUC11 they removed legacy bios, so only older sata devices are ok with installation.
If someone has an Intel NUC valid alternative (same dimensions, performance and price) I’m happy to know…

We started seeing this two years ago and gave up running it directly on new hardware; it’s always in a VM now.

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