Couple questions

Hey all! I’ve been researching the various open source PBX implementations and how PBX as a whole works for a while now. I have to say for someone very new to telephony, FreePBX has sure done a good job of explaining the ins and outs of the whole system.

I do have a few questions, well more like verification that my understanding of some things is correct.

  1. The only reason we would need an IP Gateway or a PCI Card would be if we were going to be using our existing PSTN Lines. For example if we were going to use one or more of the SIPStation Trunks there would be no need for one of these cards or gateways correct?

  2. Basically in its most simplest form you would need a trunk, a good internet connection, a PBX box and some IP Phones correct? Essentially: incoming call >===> trunk >===> router >===> PBX >===> IP Phone

  3. As I understand it a trunk is for all intents and purposes similar to a phone line. So basically each trunk only handles a single call at a time correct? If someone is on the line with an outside call no one else can make or receive an outside call until the first one is terminated.

Thanks for the wealth of information provided here and I am sure I will have more questions as I learn more about all of this.

Correct in 1 and 2 but a trunk should be considered as one or more “phone line” (That’s why it is called a trunk :slight_smile: )

#1 You are correct

#2 You are also correct

#3 Not totally correct. A trunk can carry multiple calls. You usually define a trunk to your SIP provider and then purchase the number of simultaneous calls you want to have on that trunk. With my SIP provider I have a single trunk but can have 10 simultaneous inbound or outbound or some combination of inbound/outbound calls over the trunk.

Great!! Thanks for the clarification about the simultaneous calls, much appreciated.