Couple questions

I have couple questions. I was wondering if someone can point me to where you can change the caller id for main number. I need it to say 932-0100 instead of 502-1920 when people call out. SO where in the outbound options is it.

Also when i call my voice mail it gives me the default recording even though I have unavailable and busy setup. I getting this problem on few extension. Any help would be appreciated.

sorry i am still a noob at his pbx.

Welcome to the forum. You did not indicate what software you are running, the version and the kind of trunks. You can only change caller ID on some types of trunks.

If you are running FreePBX have you even logged on and looked at extensions, routes and trunks?

The system i am using is FreePBX and Asterisk (Ver. sip trunks.

Yes i have logged on looked at the extensions, routes and trunks.

On Trunks,Extensions, and outbound routes there is an option to change outbound Caller ID. I believe in routes it’s called “Route CID”.

What are you using for your passwords on voicemail. By Default, ou can’t use the extension number for the password.