Couple Questins

OK i have a couple questions.

Iam new to PBX and own an IT Company but want to to expand to PBX.

  1. How do I connect 2 boxes in diffrent locations?

  2. What does a sip trunk do?

Thank You

I suggest you enroll in a our training class that will give you an understanding of how the system works and what it can do.

I doubt you learned about any of the other products you support by asking a couple of questions in a forum. If you are serious about being in the phone business you need to be decent network techs and have an understanding of IP telephony.

As a business owner myself I can tell you that you won’t be sorry you took the time, or had someone else take the time, to learn this. We’re a technology company as well (CDs, DVDs, USB) so we felt pretty comfortable doing this ourselves HOWEVER there is a significant learning curve. I am thankful that I had someone to help me when I got stuck. I’m still learning a little but most of my efforts are now on other things. After all, I need to earn a living.

If you’re going to learn this without one of the training classes SkykingOH mentioned you’re going to need to be willing to Google a lot of your questions and pull answers from various sources. The basics haven’t changed but much of the other information online is out of date as the software is constantly evolving.

Starting with the FreeBPX ISO is a great place to start HOWEVER if you’re already busy running your company, you may be better off having someone else worry about your phone system while you do other things. You can still use FreePBX, just turn the installation/setup over to someone with experience to get you started. You’ll be amazed at the savings over traditional phones.

I know this didn’t answer your question but from one business owner to another, it seemed like a reasonable place to put in my two cents worth.


Thank you for the suggestions.

I have setup a test site with FreePBX in my office with 4 Extensions and have everything working.

Inbound and Outbound is working fine. All the tests we have ran work great. I just do not have the time myself to take some classes wish I did.

Did not take long to setup FreePBX is nice and easy.

Is there a place to sign up for the training when one comes up that will notify me? I see the last one just passed.

Thank you