Couple of Errors on new Distro Install and Restore

Hello, I am trying to restore to a new machine. The original was system was/is a distro install on FreePBX13.0.191.19. I did a full backup and then moved the file onto a new system that is also on and did a restore, now I have a few critical errors on the new system that I cannot figure out.

The first one says “File Does Not Existing” then clicking on the error says Please run 'touch ’ and then ‘fwconsole chown’ to create this file. but it does not say which file to do that to.

Errors 2 & 3 are the same they say “Unable to Write to” and then the text says “Please change permissions on” … but again no file name … What file could be missing or how do I find out which one is missing?

Thanks for any help.

Well I may have found the errors looking through the logs it had something to do with the dahdi module, so I uninstalled and reinstalled that module and things seem to be working better now.