Count outgoing minutes monthly

hi. if i have several departments, each department is a bunch of consecutive extensions. is there a way for me to pull out a monthly outgoing count of minutes used by a certain bunch of extensions?

outgoing minutes only to the outside, not to each other internally

thank you

Query the MySQL table to build out what you need or:

The Call Accounting modlule is not designed for basic reporting. If that is all you are after, that would be a huge waste of money.

Export the CDR records form the GUI, Query the MySQL database directly, or use a tool actually designed just for reports and not call accounting.

thank you. i see there is a free version, will that be enough for my purpose?

Not in my opinion. The free version is VERY basic.

ok. i’ve read a little about it. at some point it states to configure the recordings location. does the report rely on the actual recording files? or just the cdr records?

It specifically states that is for allowing you to listen to recordings from within the app, right? If listening to recordings in the app is important to you, then I guess you would need to do it.

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