Couldnt load variablesADMIN.txt?adope=90345 Different from all others


Got this error on trying to load the panel. I’ve searched here and in the trixbox forums and nobody seems to have had this error. IS this the same as the variables.txt errors or something different.

In my server there is no variablesADMIN.txt file. So what was supposed to create this?

I and using FreePBX 2.3 (latest) all modules are up to date.
Trixbox 2.4.2
CentOS5 (Redhat)

Thanks for the help,

Found the similar thread for the variables.txt error. This bug would have been reported last July. Seems like its still there anyway heres the fix.

edit the /admin/views/panel.php

Find the .$deptname and delete it. There seems to be an issue with FreePBX on creating a companion variables.txt file in the /panel directory.

Deleting this means the department is ignored from the FreePBX panel launch and the standard variables.txt is used. Trix and calling it directly use the default so we might as well.

BTW just in case it matters, I have also switched over to database authentication for administrating FreePBX. Wonder if this could be part of the issue.

Thanks Paris