Could someone PLEASE fix the wiki

I just want to put in a plea for someone to take a few minutes and try to figure out why no one but the original poster can edit a Wiki article on this site. Normally, one feature of a Wiki is that anyone can edit it (or at the very least, trusted users can edit it) but the Wiki on this site won’t allow anyone but the original poster to edit it.

The reason this irritates me no end is because someone took the liberty of copying over some articles I had written from the AussieVoIP site, but really screwed up the original formatting of those articles. I understand that; this Wiki is a lot different from Aussie and the formatting commands aren’t that easy to grasp. However, during the winter I’ll probably have some time that I could use to clean up and reformat some of those articles, except that I can’t because I’m not the one who moved them over. Thus I’m in the position of being unable to edit my own articles, or help restore the original formatting to any articles on this site, except for the very few that I personally moved over from AussieVoIP.

I have said before that I really dislike the Wiki software used on this site (and have expressed it in stronger terms than that) but I could live with it, except for this one thing. I know the developers are busy, but isn’t it rather important to keep the wiki from becoming stale because people can’t edit it? If this problem isn’t fixed, two or three years down the road you’ll have a bunch of stale information on the Wiki (that happens anyway, but it will be more of a problem if no one can fix it). And inaction might invite someone to start an alternative FreePBX documentation wiki someplace where it can be edited. In my moments of frustration, I’ve personally considered moving all the articles I’ve personally written over to, but I really wanted to give the maintainers of this site a chance to fix the problems first (and besides, I’d much rather see all the FreePBX documentation in one place, if that place can be properly maintained).

My only purpose for this post is to ask if perhaps fixing the Wiki could be made a higher priority, like maybe something that would at very least be fixed before the new year rolls around?