Could not reload FOP server after v14 upgrade

Recently upgraded following these instructions

Upgrade went fairly well, except the dashboard is complaining about “Could not reload FOP server” and below that it says, “Could not reload the FOP operator panel server using killall -HUP Configuration changes may not be reflected in the panel display. If the FOP module was just installed you may have to retart Asterisk with the “amportal restart” command for the FOP server to run.”

I did as instructed and ran “amportal restart” but, no love.

I have been searching for a solutions however, most of the references I am finding are many years old and discuss older versions.

System is functional, in that I can make and receive telephone calls. Just this pesky “FOP server” thing.

Current version reports FreePBX

What log files would you like to see or does anyone have a suggestion?

Have you tried restarting fop2 server?

service fop2 restart

This happened a few days ago.

An hour or so after posting my question I returned to the dashboard to find that the FOP server was no longer complaining. Further checks determined that FOP was indeed running.

Sorry, forgot to post back here that all is well.

I consider this issue closed.

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