Could not find option suitable for category 'admin_menu' named '\#'

Hello, we are having an issue with the app_confbridge application. For some reason, freepbx is adding a “/” in front of one of the options in the file /etc/asterisk/confbridge_additional.conf.

Here is the offending line:

\# = leave_conference

When I remove the leading “” and reload the app_confbridge module it works fine. As soon as I apply config freepbx adds it again, not sure why this is happening.

Running versions:
FreePBX -
Conference Module - 12.0.21
Asterisk 11.6 Certified

A # is a include in Asterisk files. With the “” we are saying, this isn’t an include. This is correct and not a problem and does not cause issues on Asterisk 13.7 nor on 11.18. I suggest you upgrade.

We are using the certified version of Asterisk and cannot upgrade as there is no later version of the certified version.

(are you sure? I thought ; was a comment and # an included file but the escape \ I assume is still good)

Certified Asterisk 13 ^^^^

Wrong word. It is a directive not a comment

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I’m sure because of the numerous bug reports and the fact that I have “\#” in my files and I’ve reloaded confbridge numerous times.

Thanks for nitpicking over something you didn’t need to nitpick over. Comment/Include. It’s all the same thing with regards to this bug. I didn’t need you to RTFM to me. Thanks.

Ia apologize for pissing you off, but surely correctness will always improve understanding for those that want to get the real skinny, now or later. (those links obviously not needed for you)

Thanks for your correction of your post @tm1000 , no more nits to pick from me, all is now good.

Yes, I realize 13 is available be we need to stay within the 11 branch due to compatibility reasons with other modules.