Could not determine Asterisk version Debian 12

./install -n
Assuming you are Database Root
Checking if SELinux is enabled…Its not (good)!
Reading /etc/asterisk/asterisk.conf…Done
Checking if Asterisk is running and we can talk to it as the ‘asterisk’ user…Error!
Could not determine Asterisk version (got: Asterisk ending (0).). Please report this.

Looks like you do not have asterisk running.

Logged in as root user execute the following script before ./install -n from the same directory.

./start_asterisk start

Depending what you did previous to this, you may need to do the following to get asterisk to start if the following file does not already exist.

touch /etc/asterisk/modules.conf

Hi, friend, thanks for your fast reply. I see it was make problem for reinstall FreePBX. I have fixed by by reinstall FreePBX and asterisk.

Now I’m getting a issues for call from asterisk to phone. Do you have any experience on it? I’m using dongle. Inbound working and also warking from ATD command.

Unfortunately, chan_dongle is a 3rd party add-on project for Asterisk. It is not supported by Sangoma which means you either need to get support from where you got chan_dongle or wait for someone who might be using it.

There can be a wide range of things wrong including chan_dongle not being updated to use newer versions of Asterisk.

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