Cosmetic issue after upgrade to 14 (and workaround)

I have just completed the upgrade to 14 from 13 using the upgrade module. The UCP module load failed because of missing modules pm2 and certman, but the system came back fine with just an error message about UCP.

However, in the module admin tab, I was no longer able to expand each module to see info and select options (upgrade/noupgrade)

I manually installed pm2 and certman, and then upgraded UCP, hoping that this would resolve the problem, however the problem still exists.

There is a workaround to select download all, and then work through the list.

I think that this is a JS issue related to bootstrap-select - the console showed that was missing.

It is not a showstopper, but any suggestions on how to address this would be appreciated - it could be that there are other related issues still to be found!

Simple fix:

Module Admin
Download All to expand
Select FreePBX Framework - Force Download
Select Core - Force Download

and all is working as it should

Hmmm…I had the same problem on a box but thought it was a fluke, and since the machine is working otherwise, I didn’t worry about it - but I tried your solution above and it doesn’t work either - ok, I thought, I will just do it from the CLI since I can’t do it through the GUI:

[[email protected] ~]# fwconsole ma upgrade framework core

Which did it’s thing, but I still can’t expand any of the modules - anybody else seeing this?

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