COS disables Extension Routing, Licensing conflict

According to the Documentation and it does pan out in implementation If you own the Extension Routing (ER) module and then buy the COS module the ER no longer has any function. Yet in the builder packages advertise that you get both modules and include both in the “discounted” price even though ER is actually nothing. In my case I added COS later on one installation not knowing It through away the function of ER. I am also being dinged to upgrade support for both at this time.

Nowhere in the sales pitch is this disclosed and in effect is a deception though maybe not intentional. I would suggest that this be openly disclosed in the sales descriptions of each module. I would also suggest that COS be offered at a discounted price to those who have already paid for ER. Additionally the ongoing support issue should be corrected in Module Admin so support is only requested on COS and maybe disable ER entirely.

Am I incorrect in my thinking?

No COS needs Extension Routing to give you route level permissions for CoS groups. Without it you can not control outbound routes in CoS

Tony, OK, I get that. So if you buy COS then you get Extension Routing for free? There is no listing as a prerequisite. If I pay for support for COS do I not need pay additional support for ER?

Do you see my confusion? I don’t mind the money spent and will pay whatever I need for this install, but some of my other clients can’t and I want to understand.

Correct you get Extension Routing with CoS. We have no way to detect you have it already and change the price. its now how the store or anything works.