Correct Way to Edit extensions_custom.conf

I am venturing into the world of custom dial plans, starting with the basics.
I add custom dialplan in the [from-internal-custom] context in extensions.custom.conf
I then us fwconsole reload to load the dialplan.

When I do this, it is dropping active calls, somehow removing static agents from our queues and causes all of our BLFs to no longer work.

Is this the correct way to be editing these files? How should I be reloading the configs?

Yes but you should probably paste us what you did

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In order to reload a dialplan without using the fwconsole reload you need to execute this command in the Linux console:

rasterisk -x'dialplan reload'

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Daniel Friedman
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Are you running Asterisk 13.14.0? If so run ‘yum update’ and ensure there are no outstanding Asterisk updates, as there was a brief window where it was possible to get a version of 13.14 that would restart whenever you do a reload.

Coming back to this, I was out sick.

I created the following and added it to extensions_custom.conf

exten => *15,1,Set(DEVICEUSER=${DB(DEVICE/${CALLERID(number)}/user)})
exten => *15,n,Answer()
exten => *15,n,SayDigits(${CALLERID(number)})
exten => *15,n,Wait(1)
exten => *15,n,SayDigits(${DEVICEUSER})
exten => *15,n(hook_on_1),Hangup

Then I ran fwconsole reload
When I did that, it dropped all active calls and killed the BLF lights.

Running Asterisk 11.21.2
FreePBX Distro

No, I’m still running Asterisk 11.21.2
FreePBX Distro

There should be something getting logged somewhere that explains why Asterisk is dumping core and restarting. Look in /var/log/asterisk/full, /var/log/messages, and maybe some of the other files /var/log/freepbx (?).