Correct Way to Backup a FreePBX Distro 16

Good afternoon,

I was wondering what is the correct way to do a full backup on a freepbx distro 16 with Backup Restore Module.

In the backup job i have added these directories besides the modules that are being saved.


Is this enough?

Also after creating a backup with these rougly 500Mbytes i can’t seem to download it to my PC.

It gives me a wrong browser redirection?

Thank you in advance

By specifying those directories you are doing a lot of duplicate backup. Selecting the modules is enough in most cases.

Take a look at the documentation here: Backup and Restore FreePBX 15+ - PBX GUI - Documentation and especially item 4c in the table pertaining to when you might need to specify additional directories. (custom files in /etc/asterisk, call recordings)

Other things - MOH, sounds, configs - are backed up as part of the module selection. To get a full backup, select all the modules.

Backing up the webroot is not of value because to restore FreePBX you have to restore it onto FreePBX, which already has the web files in place.

The most important thing to do is test it out by performing a backup and restoring it on another server. Spinning up a VM or cloud server is trivial and restoring your backup there will show you whether you have all you need.

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Thank you for your time Bill, will read the documentation and perform a restore just to make sure i am doing it right.

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