Cornfirm Calls fail when enabled

I’m using asterisk 1.2.24 and freepbx 2.3.1 and failing to use the “confirm calls” feature from Follow or using ring groups. What I’m trying to accomplished is to have the calls directed to my cells phone, and will like to either press 1 to accept or press 2 to declined. I do receive the call on my cell but when I press 1 or 2 nothing happens, I never get connected with the incoming call.

This are my settings:
Initial ring: 0
Ring Strategy: ringall (i try ringall-prim, ringallv2 and ringallv2-prim)
Confirm calls: checked
Remote announcement: default
Too-late announcemnet:
Follow me list: xxxxxxxxxx#
Ring time: 30
Announcement: none
MOH: default

I also try doing the same scenarion with the ring group but the “confirm calls” doesn’t work when I get the call, I hear the messaged to accept the call but I never get connected and loose the call.

Any ideas or fixes. I appreciate the help.

sounds like you are having a problem with dtmf detection with your provider. What sort of line is the call going out on to the cell phone?

I’m using voicepulse connect for my outbound calls.

you need to determine if dtmf is working by making an outbound call to that cell phone just like the confirm call would be doing and then once established, transfer that call to something like someone’s voicemail and see if the cellphone is able to interact with the voicemail. However - such issues can sometimes be intermitent - and could also be because of the Asterisk 1.2 dtmf problems that have problems going through some equipment with some carriers.

It doesnt work when I try what you suggested. I call my cell directly from an internal ext. then I transfer the call to asterisk voice mails and it doesn’t recognizes any input digits from cell. Do you have any other suggestion?

either your trunk is misconfigured or your service provider is having problems recognizing your dtmf. Try dtmfmode=auto in the trunk and see if that does anything.

Thank very much for your assistance Philippe, your last comment worked. In the trunk configuration for the Outbound PEER details I change the dtmfmode from “info” to “auto” as you suggested and BAAAAMMM! It works now.

Thanks again.