Core module "broken" after 12.0.26 update

Hi guys,

I’m running the FPBX Distro and after the last update core is now Broken and can’t be enabled. I get:

Installing core
Error(s) installing core:
Module is broken and cannot be installed. You should try to download it again.

In Module admin, I can however only Install and Uninstall, and not download again.

The last module updates included:

core 12.0.26 (current: 12.0.25)
daynight (current:
framework 12.0.47 (current: 12.0.45)
webcallback (current:

This also happened on 2 separate systems at the same time with the same updates. So I’m thinking it’s a general bug with the distro. I also tried updating the distro to 6.12.65-26, but it’s still in a broken state afterwards.

Which “FPBX Distro” are you using?

6.12.65-26 at the moment. The official one.

There are no bugs with this. You can re download if you check online.