Copying Trunks from one PBX to another

We have a “Master” PBX that contains the “pure” set of settings and configs - this includes all 24 trunks (we use VI primary and they have lots of IP to which we need to connect). We have several production PBXes with “old” trunk settings. We want to update each production PBX from the old settings to the new settings, as found in the master PBX, but without having to delete the old trunks (16 in each PBX) and then create the new trunks (24 in each PBX). It seems we should be able to import this data or use a tool like SQLYog to “pull” the trunks from the master and dump them into a production PBX.

We tried this by using the table “trunks”. This only copied the names of the new trunks and only changed them after opening each up in the GUI and hitting save - but the underlying data of the trunk went un-touched.

We are nubes at direct SQL manipulation, any direction one can provide is greatly appreciated.

I don’t think you can get there easily at this time. I use VI as well, and the model I use is to copy and paste the configurations in side-by-side windows. Once you get the motion down, it’s pretty simple.

Ive resorted to the side by side window method too. But I’m sure theres a way to get the trunk definitions from the database.

Me too, but I can’t think of one right now. Bulk Handlre is missing this specific set of configs. Perhaps it’s time for a Bulk Handler app for them too?