Copy Phone Template to new model?

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Is there an easy way to copy a phone model template to another model? (Even if I have to do it manually with a file copy somewhere?)

I’ve got a bunch of Yealink T29G phones configured out there and working well. The T29G is now EOL and not available from distributors any longer. They are pushing the T46S (or T46U) as a replacement. That’s fine, but I really don’t want to create a new T46S template from scratch. So, I’m looking for an easier way to copy my T29G configuration template to a T46S config. Can that be done?


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If you’re running the most recent version of EPM, your Yealink template will have a ‘tasks’ tab with a button you can use to duplicate the template.

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Thanks, but maybe I didn’t explain the problem well enough. (Also, there is no “Tasks tab” in my Yealink template – I think tabs only apply to the Sangoma templates, right? There are no “tabs” for any other templates that I know of besides Sangoma ones. But, there is a Duplicate button at the top of the Yealink template that I think does what you are suggesting. But, all that being said, I don’t think it solves what I’m asking…)

So, to clarify, the issue is that I’ve done up a nice template specifically for the T29G phones. But those are now discontinued, so I’m moving to different phones – such as the T46S, for example. I don’t want to have to recreate the entire configuration for the T46S when should basically be the same as the T29G. So, I’m looking for a way to copy the T29G template into a T46S template – so that I can use it for T46S phones.

Unless I’m misunderstanding something, if I did what you suggest and just Duplicate my current Yealink template (which only has a config for a T29G phone), I’ll just end up with a second template with a config for a T29G phone. That doesn’t do anything to help my copy the T29G template to a different model phone.

If I’m misunderstanding something on what you’ve suggested, please let me know. Thanks.

(Lorne Gaetz) #4

If you’re using a sufficiently current version of EPM there are tabs for Yealink templates.

If such a thing is possible (it probably is), you would need to export the current template and edit the resulting CSV which can then be re-imported. You may have to export a minimal version using the new model to get the expected formatting.

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