Copy of the Config Editor Module

Does anybody have a copy of the “Config Editor” module?

The link:

The website no longer works. Does anybody have a copy of this module?
I would really appreciate it. I’m doing some testing with editing configuration files and testing SIP stability.

Any help would be appreciated…

No, but you can easily edit the files from the operating system.

Simply log on, type cd/etc/asterisk and press enter.

Now type ls to list files. Type nano filename and you are now editing.

Freepbx itself does not require config for editing except at bootstrap, once installed all setting stored in DB and can be changed via advanced settings module.

Not very easy when copying and pasting. Would prefer to do this with the module.

I cut and paste all the time.

Download the putty client (it’s free) just look up putty.exe

It supports one drag copy and one click paste.

Also it forces you to get comfy in the shell.

You can find a copy of the module attached to the post here:

Download the tgz, use module admin to manually upload and follow directions from there.

The download above was posted before the FreePBX distro existed. If you have problems accessing, locate and delete the file:

Thanks Igaetz

SkykingOH was driving me a little crazy. You gave me exactly what I was looking for. I use FreePBX in a VM so I can edit stuff but copying and pasting is an issue in the linux client.

You are awesome…

Sorry I was making you crazy, forgive me for trying to teach the right way to edit files. My way you are prepared to take on any configuration task and some comfort with the command line, you will need it some day to work on your system.

The web editor is too disconnected from reality and has extremely limited functionality.

SkykingOH, you really make me crazy…

I’m a linux system admin. Nearly all of my system administration is from the command line.

Just for this one time I was looking for the config editor because it fit my needs in this one instance. Which is why I was asking for it.

It’s part of a solution we are trying to package for clients and I’m sorry but I’m not prepared to go through an hour long training sessions for each client if small edits need to be made.

Stop making assumptions geesh…

I do make assumptions, I really don’t have a choice in this environment however WRT this post I was reacting to what you said.

You said:

So I want on this premise, assuming you were communicating your intent. I would like you to go into any “sip stability” issues you have found with Asterisk so the appropriate actions can be taken. I know the entire FreePBX team would be incredibly responsive to any instability in Asterisk chan_sip and would use our contacts with Digium to get it resolved.

Now you say you don’t want to train a client to edit a config file. I don’t need to know the details of your engagement with the client. What I would like to know is what files you need to edit.

In the last two updates the FreePBX team has gone to great lengths to move everything to the DB. I can’t imagine any config files that need to be touched in normal operations. Please tell us what you are changing and let’s get a feature opened up so we can add it to FreePBX.

I always have a constructive purpose, just not always the time to fully explain my intentions. I would just assume after 5 years of consistent support to the project that you know I am not out to hurt the project or the users in any way.