Copy n paste

I’d love to see a copy feature perhaps with an auto number facility. you often want to set up multiple extensions all basically the same but with incrementing extension numbers.

Why not be able to set up one extension with all the settings required then copy it to produce the next 20 then you just need to go through them and amend the names. the extension numbers could auto increment and passwords could auto generate.

The same could be done for trunks and routes as you often want multiple trunks where most of the information is the same.

Just an idea

if there is a better place for me to sugest it please let me know.


You are asking about provisioning… I saw a few posts about that.
There are rumblings that Ward and Crew over at Nerd Vittles are working on an Aastra hand set schema that does not require your *nix box to be the DHCP server…
And there is something called

If you need to create multiple extensions, take a look for the bulk extensions module that was just updated. It can allow you to create a file with all the parameters and import them all at once. new version has a export option so that you can export a good one and replicate it then import a bunch.

Please DO NOT GET THIS CONFUSED with the poorer version that the latest version of trixbox comes with as they are not the same thing.