Copy config from freepbx v2.9 to v12.0?

i am updating my voip lab from a freepbx server v2.9.0.9 -->v12.0.76.2 (about time, right?).
any chance that i can save some time copying over the 2.9 config to the new 12.0?
or do i need to do it all manually?


One would think that doing that would help, but from the endless problems we’ve been seeing from people that tried to do that, I’d suggest that you aren’t likely to save more than the hour or two the system will take to do it for you.

I’d let the system handle the upgrade. That way, you end up fwconsole in the right place and all of the database changes are handled.

Feel free to do it the hard way, though. We’ll be here to answer your questions about problems trying to do that can cause.

tnx, 4 the rapid response dave.

i understand u’r reply a bit ambiguously though.
i suppose thats because the no real clear black/white answer, but rather
lots of grey.

i have to config about 20 extensions. strictly sip, no aix.

in the beginning u say that i probably won’t save much time doing it automatically.
in the middle u suggest that i ‘let the system handle the upgrade’.
in the end u say that u’r there to help if i do it manually.

as far as ‘letting the system handle the upgrade’, well, i didn’t see any
automatic upgrade path from v2 to v12.
i did a clean install to v12 on a different physical machine from an image on the freepbx site.

where is/are the script/s for copying/converting config files?

btw, we are using the lab for a voip course for an MS progam in communications and networking. this course is 1 of several labs to provide
hands-on experience for the students. they fiddle w/ various codecs under different stress conditions (provided by an agilent n2x and shunra). we use a dozen or so x-lite softphones, a few snom units and some POTS analog phones.


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Sorry - English sarcasm doesn’t often translate.

I’m not going to give you a black and white answer. If I tell you that you need to do this a specific way and it doesn’t work, you will transfer the problem you are having to me, and it’s not my problem.

To that end, I recommend that you use the Module Admin version upgrade path. Connect to your server, go to Module Admin and there should be an upgrade script in there (you’ll have to check for updates). Use that upgrade script to update your existing system and you should be fine.

If you decide that you don’t want to do the upgrade that way, you can certainly upgrade the system by hand. It is perilous and causes many problems that other people have seen and reported here. Just because something is possible is NOT the best reason to do it. There are a myriad of settings and changes that get made by the upgrade script that you are not likely to make if you upgrade the system by hand. Because of this, it take MUCH longer to do the upgrade by hand. Similarly, backing up the database from Version 2 and restoring onto Version 13 will mess up the database in a long list of ways. There are also permissions issues, programs that don’t get installed or symlinked correctly when you perform the upgrade by hand.

So, once again - you CAN upgrade the system by hand (as you originally asked) but I recommend against it.

hi d,
1st of all, i’m not looking in any way, shape or form to make my problem someone else’s problem. my system, my problem.
basic rule of open source. i wouldn’t be here if i wasn’t fully aware of this or didn’t fully accept it.
i’ve been merrily using free software basically since it exists.

given that where i am now,
-v12 installed on new hardware not config’d yet
-production v2 server on old hardware, running and config’d as needed for 20 extensions

same recommendation?

i’ll have a look at the upgrade scripts of the v2 server.
maybe i see when to initiate it after the install of a new server.

tnx again,

btw, i’m english mother tongue, but i sometimes mis sarcasm anyway. no translation issue :frowning: .

My recommendation is still to do the upgrade.

Announce that your production server will be going down for an hour overnight on a Saturday or Sunday. Upgrade it to the “target” machine’s version and get it working.

Once you have both at the same version, you can backup the production server and restore it to your new server.

This avoids all of the problems that not using the upgrade script causes and simplifies your installation process.

i looked in the v2 server, module admin.
the only thing there related to updates is ‘localization updates’, which is only related to what it’s name suggests.
i also looked on the v12 server under module admin, and there too, the only thing related to updates was localization.

according to the online docs, the upgrade scripts r in ‘system admin’. i thought i looked there too and didn’t see any
mention of it. there’s something mentioned in some video instructions for the upgrade which states that the upgrade option
in system admin is purchasable. this may be why i didn’t spot it.
i’ll check this tomorrow. (the pbx is on a separate, physically isolated net from the campus net and i need to go to a different building to access it. (how’s that for security?)

1 major problem i have w/ upgrading the production system on the production machine though.
if something screws up, no production server. this is one of the reasons i installed the v12 on different hardware.

is the backup on v2 solid? (more importantly- is the restore solid?)

again, tnx 4 ur’ assistance,

OK - a different option.

Install 2.9 on your new server.
Copy the configuration over.
Run “Module Admin” on the new server.
Select “Check for Updates” with all of the repositories turned on.
You should see an updated list of choices - the first one on the new list should be the “V.11 Upgrade Tool”.

I know it’s there - this is how I upgraded my production server.