Convert PDF Text to Chinese Format

Hi, I’m having a weird problem. When I send a fax from UCP, it convert attached PDF text to Chinese language. It’s not happening to all PDF files but for this. You can download that PDF from below link

Please advise.

Thank You

Do you have an example of the corrupted document?

Hi Greg,

Here you go to download the corrupted doc.

That’s not Chinese…
That being said, your fax software shouldn’t be changing fonts on a PDF.
You said that it doesn’t happen on all PDF’s… I suspect that it happens on “text” PDF’s, and not on “Image” PDF’s.

Your fax software converts the PDF to a TIFF image, by re-rendering it. I would start there… and you also may want to make sure that your tiff converter has the fonts that it needs to render.

I think it’s not the matter text and Image PDF. Below is Text PDF and it went perfectly.

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