Convert external dialled numbers to internal extensions


I have multiple sites but all of them run of one FreePBX system and the different sites just have extensions numbers off the system. I have some users who ignore my extension list and will always dial the full external number rather than just the 4 digit extension. This means I am wasting 2 SIP trunks everytime this happens with call out and then back in again.

Is there anyway to program the system to automatically convert a full number to an extension if it recognises that it is a DID on the system?


Yes. There are several ways, including loop-back trunks.


This is one of the ways to do what Dave suggested (a loopback trunk):

Good luck and have a nice day!


Yes that is what I was looking for. Just programming it up now. I was sure someone must of asked the question before and I did have a quick search but wasn’t sure what terms to use in the search and didn’t have much luck. As soon as I searched for “loopback trunk”, I found what I was looking for.

Thanks for help