Conversion tool - update to sgn 7


can I use the conversion tool ( to update from freepbx 13 (distro) to sgn7?


Yes. You can also upgrade in place with:

upgrade in place doesn’t work for me… it fails with a lot of error… so I try with conversion tools.

A question: in the old deplolyment i have a lot of commercial module… so, how can I migrate these modules to the new deployment?

OK thanks!
but I have a doubt: for example: I have commercial epm.

After conversion, EPM is installed on the new machine but only the free version (sangoma phones only).
What happens when I migrate the deployment? I have a lot of configured grandstream phones … Will they appear in the new installation?

same question for other commercial modules … the configuration is migrated for all commercial modules BEFORE moving to a new deployment?

In EMP you can export and then import on the new all your config.

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ok but I have a lot of commercial modules: epm, COS, fax professional, conference pro etc…

what happens to the configuration of these modules during the conversion process?

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