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Hello All. I fired up FreePBX 15, restored from one of my backups, which went perfectly. My current system is on Chan_SIP but I am thinking testing the conversion of all the extensions to PJSIP on the test or secondary server. I see there is an article on how to convert from the command line:

All 700 of my phones have DNS for the SIP server. As a result, if I converted to PJSIP, do you think my phone will just happily re-register with freepbx upon conversion, since all the phones have the sip settings right on them? Seems like that should work, and at the least maybe a reboot would be needed. I could possible also convert one extention and try that. Either way this is a secondary server with all settings restored, so its a good time to test. Thoughts? Guidance? Thanks for everything in advance.

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Yes everything will just happily connect assuming you also change the PJSIP port to 5060 on your restored server

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Excellent, so on the restored server change the driver to PJSIP under Settings–>advanced settings. Under the new SIP settings tab, for PJSIP under Settings–>Asterisk SIP Settings, change the bind port for PJSIP to 5060 :). Perfect! Great! I will test.

I’ve never set up a PJSIP trunk, only a CHAN_SIP trunk, hopefully that works for me and is not too complex compared to CHAN_SIP.

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Simpler for most providers

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