Contributor proposal

Hi all,

I have made asterisk to work on windows-cygwin, and I’ve developed a channel to manage cellphones (it works on ast 1.2 and 1.4, both linux and cygwin, via serial_datacable + headset_audiocable), see

I would like:

  1. add chan_celliax capabilities to FreePBX (now you have to use a Custom Trunk, and add it manually to the FOP).

  2. port FreePBX to work on windows/cygwin with apache1 + mod_php5 + sqlite3 + asterisk1.2

I have a prototype of point 2 working on cygwin (I’m aware of the very good efforts of Diego with sqlite3, and actually I used big part of his work.), based on FreePBX 2.3.1, but I would like better to work in a branch on your svn, so to better collaborate with the FreePBX community.

It is this possible?

Congratulation for your very successful project,



as far as efforts to improve sqlite3 support, you are welcome to contribute them. They will probably go into trunk vs. 2.3 depending on the changes since 2.3 is mostly feature freeze. As far as other changes to FreePBX, we can review them to see if they are general purpose enough for other environments. However, there is no desire to explicitly support a Windows environment so we would not do any changes just because of that setup.

Concerning chan_celliax, you can already create a custom trunk with FreePBX. The trunking which is more interest (higher priority) would be mISDN and h323 trunks. These are by far more mainstream and would deserve the effort before technologies like cell_iax. That does not mean we would ignore anything contributed but it may be a while before we took the time to review it. You should also keep in mind that much of the trunking and routing parts of FreePBX will be going through some restructuring at some point in the (hopefully near) future. The changes will make new technology types easier to accommodate. It will also make new work obsoleted quicker.

Philippe Lindheimer - FreePBX Project Lead
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thank you for the quick answer.

What is the best way to contribute against trunk for sqlite3? Opening a ticket in trac attaching svn diff would be ok?

For what is cygwin-windows related, would be ok if I try to conditionally change things just in case of cygwin, leaving the standard behavior untouched? Cygwin specific things are mainly related with ownership and userid issues (that are not working on fat32 filesystems).

For the trunk management I will wait for the new technology, thank you for the hint.