Contract Installation of the Sangoma to Hubspot Module?

Is there anyone with experience in connecting the Sangoma CRM module to Hubspot?
Would like to hire you.

Use caution. That user signed up only a few minutes ago and Googling that email address yields several results with similar copy/paste replies.

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As a community, we generally don’t solicit or reply to “contract” work. It’s more of a norm than anything else, so it does happen from time to time.

The approach that we’ve been using for a long time is “Has anyone figured out how to connect <thing A> to <thing B>.” From there, we discuss what the problems and limits are, as well as offering community based support (so everyone benefits).

So, what do you need to connect to Hubspot and what information can you use to or from HubSpot? Walk us through what you need and let’s see if we can help you get where you want to go.

Sorry for the “solicitation” faux pas.
I recently integrated Hubspot to my business and want t o get my FreePBX connected in such a way that when a caller rings, the CS person has access to the information in Hubspot.
I’ve read through
and realize that someone with experience connecting this to Hubspot would be a great help… especially as there is no step-by-step for Hubspot.

Thank you!

Can you tell us how the HubSpot Integration is expected to work? Hubspot should have something, somewhere, that tells you how to connect to “Asterisk”. Generally, there’s something in he documentation that calls out the “web interface” so that the pop-up feature can work. Once you know what Hubspot needs, we can help you craft an interface string, which (hopefully) you will then send to Sangoma and say “Add this to your list of recipes.” This way everyone wins.

By the way, there are several people on here that love to do this kind of “one off” stuff, so I’ve no doubt that someone will be able to get you going.

I have no HS specific knowledge. The CRM module has core features that allow:

  • external hosts to make API calls to the PBX and pull up various call history and details based on the published API endpoints you’ve probably seen in the wiki
  • the PBX to automatically call webhooks to an external host at the beginning an/or end of internal and/or external calls and POST all the relevant details.

In both cases you probably need to develop some sort of middleware that takes the API webhooks from one system, and translates them to properly structured API calls to the other system.

So Sangoma makes a CRM module:

But, I’m shocked that we don’t support Hubspot given how popular it is. I would make a feature request to Sangoma for them to add Hubspot as a supported CRM:


If only we knew someone that worked for Sangoma…

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LOL, yeah, we have a tight schedule, so product management would need to figure out if we can take developer time build it. Basically, for Sangoma to work on it, the opportunity size would have to be large enough. Hubspot is pretty large though.

The larger issue is that none of the “usual suspects” appear to have any information on HubSpot either, so if we’re going to get this going as a community, someone needs to do the ‘hard part’ and get the information and references to make it a “quick kill” for us to help. No one wants to spend dozens of hours doing the research to help build a connector for no reason. While Sangoma might be the right place, I’d rather see this happen on the “FreePBX” side so that we can share the load on developing the middle ware AND get some facility from it.

The problem is that Sangoma is a commercial entity and needs to make enough money to pay its people. As a community, we have a lot more bandwidth, but if there’s no benefit in it for any of us, it’s going to have to be a pretty simple project. @comtech has done a LOT for the community, for example, but always going to him to solve things like this is unfair and doesn’t really work with the community.

Maybe there’s some other way to get “bounty” work going. Let me think on that and maybe I can make a suggestion after my three back-to-back meetings this morning. :slight_smile:

Have you engaged with Hubspot for specific API needs? It might not be the most efficient approach, but I can imagine if you could get the API(s) that pop the agents screen, with a helper table of employee HubSpot username to FreePBX extension, you could add a small snippet of dial plan that pushes FreePBX variables via HTTP as the call delivers. Basic, but it sounds like that might be what you are looking for.

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@comtech is right - knowing the information for that allows you to craft a short context that can do the same thing as the SangomaCRM module. is an interesting thread from last year. My favorite response is from one of the HubSpot admins who asks “What’s Asterisk?” Based on that level of familiarity with CRM, I wouldn’t count on getting a lot from them.

Having said that, though, there are at least 20 HubSpot plugins that set up various calling options, including a recording management option that allows you to send a recorded call from your phone.

At this point, because of the various plugins, it sounds like you need to pick one and tell us what the requirements of the plug-in are. Since these all seem to work with Asterisk, it should be incredibly simple to tell you what the plug-in FAQ says.

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