Continue with IVR after recording Voicemail message

I’m using FreePBX I would like to do this:
A caller comes from an IVR, hears an announcement and leaves a message on an extensions Voicemail. After this the caller should continue with a new IVR-Menu to hear other announcements. So after leaving a Voicemail recording the call shall not be hung, but continued with an IVR.
Where and how can I setup the extensions voicemail settings from the FreePBX-GUI, that this works?

I want to simplify my question, perhaps it’s easier to answer:
How can I modify anything within the FreePBX-GUI, so that Asterisk will not hang up, but continue with an IVR? If this can not be done within the GUI, which Configuration file do I have to modify?

The IVR has an option “Return to IVR after VM” If you set that and it’s not working, please post details.

Thank you! This was the clue to the solution. After changing some announcements of the VoiceMail-System it works now as I wanted to.

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