Context for For Queue Transfer

I want to run an AGI when a call is transferred ONLY from a queue, but I don’t seem to be able to find the correct context. During a reload, I see:

Setting global variable ‘TRANSFER_CONTEXT’ to ‘from-internal-xfer’
Context ‘from-internal-xfer’ tries to include nonexistent context ‘from-internal-custom’

But an entry in [from-internal-custom] does not get executed on a queue transfer, only a regular call transfer.

What context can I put my AGI in for it to run on all queue transfers but nothing else?

TRANSFER_CONTEXT is set by a global variable, which can investigate with dialplan show globals. You can override the FreePBX value by populating the file /etc/asterisk/globals_custom.conf

Hey Lorne, thanks for the quick answer!

But I’m confused … I understand I could set TRANSFER_CONTEXT to [my-own-context], but it is already set to include from-internal-custom, and when I put my AGI in [from-internal-custom] it doesn’t run on queue transfers. So it doesn’t seem it would run with TRANSFER_CONTEXT pointed to [my-custom-context]. Does the global TRANSFER_CONTEXT apply to queue calls? If so, I must have something wrong someplace else.

Also, I want the AGI to run ONLY on queue transfers, not if the receptionist transfers a call. Any clues?

Short circuit (i.e. exit) the agi script as soon as you have identified the transfer to be ‘not relevant’ ?

Thank, dicko, but that would be “jerryriggin” it. :rofl:

Anyway, the queue xfers do not seem to be making it to the context TRANSFER_CONTEXT points to. This is my problem.

Perhaps you could start by posting a log of a call being transferred from a queue.